Additional Help


We can only assist with the Change of Conditions application. 

If you need additional advice on things like housing, debts, tuition fees, employment support, NHS debts and getting free baby clothes, here is a list of places that we recommend.

Free prescriptions:

If you pay for your prescriptions and cannot afford this you can apply for free prescriptions by sending this HC1 form. You can do this even if you have NPRF:

Approaching Social Services for housing:

Project 17 offer advice and support with accessing support under Section 17 of the Children Act and under the Care Act. Their details are here:


If you are given recourse to public funds, you will need to apply for the benefits you want to claim. You can do this online (start here) or by going to your local Jobcentre. There is some information about this process here.

Social support:

Many other people who have made this application or who still have NRPF go to Akwaaba, which is a social centre that is open on Sundays, 2-6pm in Dalston and can provide childcare (details here: This is a good way to meet other people in similar situations, who also might be able to help with questions about applying for benefits, etc.

Contacting you MP:

If you would like to chase up your immigration application (including your Change of Conditions application) you can do so by contacting your local MP. You can find out who they are by entering your postcode here: You can either contact them by email/post, or attend one of their 'surgeries' in person. The details about how to do this should be on their website. You can ask your MP to ask the Home Office to make a quick decision, given your urgent need for recourse to public funds. You can also provide them with a copy of the application that we have submitted if this helps them to understand your situation. They will probably also need to know your Home Office reference number.