About us


We exist to support people who have 'no recourse to public funds' (NRPF) who are facing homelessness or extreme poverty as a result of this condition.

We run weekly casework sessions every Tuesday where we provide appointments and workshops for people with NRPF to help make ‘Change of Conditions’ applications for recourse to public funds.  We also provide lunch, childcare and baby supplies at these sessions.

We are also spearheading research and strategic litigation and collaborating in campaign work to challenge the current NRPF policy. 

We train, supervise and support a team of empathetic and dedicated casework volunteers to become more effective in this work and future related work.

We want to know and treat everyone we advise as an individual, deserving of effective, thorough and empathetic support. We want to be tenacious, innovative and optimistic in how we do this.