What we aim to do and how


Our aims

1.       To give specialist advice and intensive casework support to migrants who are experiencing extreme poverty or homelessness as a result of the NRPF restriction on their leave to remain. We assist specifically with applications to remove the NRPF restriction and give professional advice on related issues of housing, debt and welfare.

2.       To spearhead strategic litigation and collaborate in campaign work to challenge the current NRPF policy. We aim to begin the process of an organisational judicial review in summer 2018.

3.       To provide immediate support through solidarity, welcome, a hot lunch, childcare and baby supplies.

4.       To train, supervise and support a team of empathetic and dedicated casework volunteers to become more effective in this work and future related work.

Our Principles

We want to know and treat everyone we advise as an individual, deserving of effective, thorough and empathetic support

We want to be:

  • Committed to learning from the experiences of the migrants we work with
  • Flexible and open-minded, responding to changes and feedback
  • Non-judgemental, caring, empathetic
  • Supportive, warm and inclusive in our working environment
  • Respectful of both visitors and volunteers
  • Optimistic and tenacious