Immigration casework

We are initially running a three month pilot project to work out the biggest needs and how to meet them. In this period, we will prioritise quality over quantity and are only providing support with NRPF lifts. In the latter part of 2017, we are looking into expanding into other areas where there is no legal aid available.

nrpf lifts

Often families are given leave to remain but barred from accessing welfare benefits, despite living in poverty – people in this situation can apply to legally challenge to this

Fee waiver applications

To make immigration applications more affordable and therefore possible.

ECF applications

Since major legal aid cuts in 2012, it is now very difficult to get legal aid and therefore impossible for many people to make any application. This is an application for funding in cases involving human rights arguments.

Fresh asylum claims

Helping refused asylum seekers get together the evidence they need to prove their reason for fleeing their country of origin.