Community support volunteers

We want to know that everyone who is referred to us understands the advice that they have been given by other professionals and understands how to act on this advice.

This is often not as easy as it might seem; language barriers, literacy levels, stigma, fear, mental and physical health problems, and lack of resources and social capital often get in the way. People might find it difficult to print their bank statements, or might be anxious about going to a food bank for the first time, or might not know how to travel to their solicitor, to name a few examples.

We want to take the time to recognise these kinds of issues – which can be huge stumbling blocks – and, through conversations and community, to respond.

You will:

  • Have conversations and build relationships with visitors to assess their holistic needs
  • Signpost (and in some cases accompany) visitors to other appropriate services
  • Make the centre a warm and friendly place
  • Build confidence and encourage visitors to speak for themselves
  • Enjoy lunch alongside visitors and other volunteers

we will:

  • Provide training in assessing needs and signposting
  • Share our in-depth knowledge of local agencies
  • Support you

person specification:

  • Personable, friendly and open
  • Patient
  • Sensitive
  • Committed to migrants’ rights
  • Good knowledge of local area and support services (not essential)
  • Knowledge of other languages (not essential)