Make an application


make an application for recourse to public funds

If you have No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF), you might be eligible to make a Change of Conditions application to the Home Office.

Read our guide

We have made a guide to help you with this.
This guide explains who can apply, how to apply, what evidence to collect and how to explain your story.
You can download this guide by clicking here.
We aim to update this regularly.
There is a template covering letter to help you to structure your statement here.

If you can’t download the guide or template letter, please contact us for help.

Come to a free workshop

We run regular free workshops for people who want to make their own applications.
The workshops are a full day.
We will help you to write a full draft of the application and then offer a follow-up appointment.
Please contact us if you want to come.

Workshop participants with our workshop facilitator.

Workshop participants with our workshop facilitator.