Support us


Support the unity project

We are currently running on an entirely voluntary basis and have our venue free of charge. We are sourcing everything else we need to run the project through donations.

You can donate below, or get in touch if you can offer us any of the following:

  • Children's books (all ages)
  • Children's games (school-age)
  • Small plastic storage boxes (for toys)
  • Food (dried cupboard goods)
  • Kitchen equipment
    • Water glasses
    • Serving spoons and ladles
    • Fruit/Veg peelers
    • Salt and pepper pots
    • Tea towels 
    • Plastic containers for leftovers
    • Large plastic bowls/tubs
    • Large serving bowls
    • Rice cooker
    • Large salad spinner
  • Laptops
  • IT equipment 
  • Mobile phones
  • Stationary
    • Printing paper
    • Pens
    • Post-its
    • Document wallets