Our Supporters

New Unity

We are based at the Upper Street Halls of New Unity, an Islington-based charity focussed on social good. NU was key to getting the project off the ground and it continues to be pivotal- donating premises, including office facilities, and providing ongoing support. 

Our funders

The following Islington Borough councillors for providing the seed funding for the project through the Local Initiatives Fund: Alice Donovan-Hart, Alice Perry, Andy Hull, Angela Picknell, Asima Shaikh, Aysegul Erdogan, Caroline Russell, Claudia Webbe, David Poyser, Gary Heather, James Court, Jean Kaseki, Jilani Chowdhury, Joe Caluori, Kat Fletcher, Marian Spall, Michelline Ngongo, Mouna Hamitouche, Nick Ward, Nick Wayne, Nurullah Turan, Oliver Parker, Osh Gantly,Richard Greening,Robert Khan, Satnam Gill, Theresa Debono, Troy Gallagher.

We couldn't run without support from:

and The MSN Fund, as well as all our generous individual donors - thank you!

Local Traders

We cook lunch every Tuesday for over 40 people and make boxes for visitors to take away. We rely on the goodwill and generosity of local traders and have been particularly well supported by: