Who we are

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Steering Committee:

Abi Brunswick (Director, Project 17)

Helen Hibberd (Manager, Hackney Migrant Centre)

Councillor Jenny Kay (Islington Councillor)

Jennifer Leith (Evaluation consultant)

Silvia Kerste (Treasurer, New Unity)

Ally Scott (Unity Project co-founder, New Unity)

Reverend Andy Pakula (Director, New Unity)

Volunteer sub-committee, including volunteers with lived experience of NRPF


Supervising lawyer:

Change of Conditions applications are regulated by the OISC. All volunteers are therefore closely supervised by an OISC-regulated lawyer from Lambeth Law Centre.


A team of over 40 dedicated volunteers:

Our volunteers come from many walks of life and make the project possible. Read more or join us here.


Project Coordinator:

Caz Hattam